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 Dr. Baladhye Vijay (Assistant Professor)


Major Areas of Research:-         


  • Fermentation and microbiology.
  • Protein isolation, purification, in-gel digestion, identification and characterization using Biochemical approach


  • Identification of protein and its related transcript and gene using Bioinformatics approach.
  • Determination of structure, function, localization, classification, homology, domain etc. of protein.

 Courses taught:
Metabolomes and Metabolic Engineering, Biology for Chemistry, Biophysical Techniques, Molecular Biology, Recent Trends in Biochemistry, Biochemical Toxicology, Drug Development, Immunology and Microbiology, Genomics and Proteomics, Chemotherapy, Analytical Biochemistry and Laboratory Techniques in Modern Biology.






Desai Dattatraya Venkatesh
. (Information Scientist)

Major Areas of Research

  • Bioinformatics
  • Immunoinformatics
  • Structure-based drug design
  • Parasite bioinformatics

Courses taught
Biological databases, Basic Biology, Parasite Bioinformatics







Dr. Ghosh Payel (Assistant Professor)


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Major Research Area

  • Next-Generation sequencing and assembly, Analysis and interpretation of data from high-throughput biological experiments, Comparative genomics, genome variation.
  • Computational study on structural aspects on protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions


Courses taught

Statistics in Bioinformatics, Scientific Data Mining and Visualization, Biomolecular Structure & Organization










Dr. Joshi Manali (Assistant Professor)

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Major Areas of Research

  • Protein structure function relationship
    • Molecular modeling and simulation
  • Structure Based Inhibitor design/prediction
    • Docking
    • Pharmacophore modeling

Courses taught

Cheminformatics, Advanced techniques in sequence and structure analysis







Dr. Kulkarni Abhijeet (Assistant Professor)

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Dr. Kulkarni-Kale Urmila (Information Scientist) 


Major Areas of Research

  • Bioinformatics
  • Comparative genomics
  • Database and algorithm development
  • Molecular modeling
  • Molecular immunology
  • Molecular phylogeny

Courses taught
Biological databases, Sequence alignments and scoring matrices, Genome assembly and annotation, Genome alignments and comparative genomics, Molecular phylogeny, Algorithms for analysis of sequence and structure data, Genome to Drug and vaccine.








Londhe Sanjay (Information Scientist)

Major Research Areas

  • Information Technology, 
  • Systems Analysis and Design,
  • Networking, Management Information Systems,
  • Systems Administration (Higher End Workstations and Servers), 
  • Information Systems Integration.

Courses taught

Basic Concepts in Computing, Programming in C, Network and Data Security, Data Accuracy, Programming in Object Oriented Languages, Object Oriented and Relational Databases, Computer Implementation of Data Structures, Programming in Perl and Corba, Information Technology and MIS.







Dr. Meshram Rohan (Assistant Professor)



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Dr. Sawant Sangeeta (Assistant Professor cum Reader)

Major Areas of Research

  • Bioinformatics
  • Prediction of secondary and tertiary structures of proteins
  • Molecular Modeling and simulations of proteins and peptides
  • Docking simulations, Leishmaniasis

Courses taught

Biological databases, Biomacromolecular sequence analysis, Structural Bioinformatics, Advanced techniques in sequence and structure analysis, Genome to Drug and vaccine, Comparative Genomics and Proteomics, Parasite Bioinformatics.








Mrs. Saxena Smita (Assistant Professor)

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Name, Designation, email-id (sorted on Surname)


Mr. Bhokare Sachin

Sr. Technical Assistant




Mrs. Dahiphale Vijaya B.

Data Entry Operator Gr. I  



Ms. Ingwale Surekha N.

Traineeship (Library Assistant)



Ms. Jagtap Sunita G. 

Jr. Technical Assistant



Mr. Khandare Rahul J

Sr. Technical Assistant



Mrs. Khoje Pranali

Traineeship (Finance Assistant)



Mr. Limbkar Vishwanath R.

Data Entry Operator, Gr. II



Mr. Mandlik Subodh.

Assistant (Jr.)


Mrs. Archana Thakur-Desai



Mr. Wadke Raghavendra K.

Data Entry Operator, Gr. I




Project Staff / Young Scientist/ Ph. D. students / SRF / Research Associate/ JRF / Teaching Associate/Research Students  

Mr. Rajiv Karbhal

Mr. Kiran Kadam

Mrs. Sunitha Manjari Kasibhatla