Syllabus Structure for M. Sc. in Bioinformatics

The M.Sc. in Bioinformatics is a full time course of two year duration, consisting of four semesters. The hands-on-training component is given more importance and is an integral part of the course. The course will include training in the major areas of Bioinformatics such as


M.Sc. Bioinformatics Credit System

Course Structure of M. Sc. (Bioinformatics)

Semester I Course No.

Course Name

BIM 101 (T)

Mathematics for Bioinformatics

BIM 102 (T)

Statistics for Bioinformatics

BIM 103 (T)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

BIM 104 (T)

Cell biology & Genetics

BIM 105 (T + P)

Basic Concepts in Computing

BIM 106 (T+P)

Biomolecular Structure & Organization

BIM 107 (P)

Perl Programming

BIM 108 (T+P)

Biological Data and Databases

BIM 109 (T+P)

Biological Sequence Analysis


Semester II Course No.

Course Name

BIM 201 (T+P)

Structural Bioinformatics

BIM 202 (T+P)


BIM 203 (T+P)


BIM 204 (T+P)

Pathways & Networks

BIM 205 (T+P)

Introduction to Database Systems

BIM 206 (P)

Advanced Perl


Courses worth of 4 credits from among the following


BIM 207 (T)


Biology of Diseases

BIM 208(P)

Biological Data Curation and Analysis

BIM 209(T+P)

Advanced Techniques in Experimental Biology

BIM 210 (P)

Programming in JAVA


Elective course from other Departments


Semester III Course No.

Course Name

BIM 301 (T+P)

Immunology and Immunoinformatics

BIM 302 (T+P)

Comparative Genomics

BIM 303 (T+P)

Molecular Modeling & Simulations

BIM 304 (T+P)

Scientific Data Mining and Visualization

BIM 305 (P)

Database design & web-implementation

BIM 306 (T+P)

Metabolic Engineering & Systems Biology

BIM 307 (P)

Soft Skills

BIM 308(T+P)

Elective Courses :

Laboratory Course in Experimental Immunology

 Semester IV Course No.

Course Name

BIM 401 (T+P)

Transriptomics and Proteomics

BIM 402 (T+P)

Software Testing

BIM 403 (T)


BIM 404 (P)

Project work

BIM 405 (P)*(A-K)


Any one of the following courses

BIM 406 (T+P)

Modern Drug Design

BIM 407 (T+P)

Advanced Genomics

BIM 408 (T+P)

Advanced Molecular Phylogenetics

BIM 409 (T+P)

Advanced Techniques in Molecular Simulations

BIM 410 (P)

Advanced Computing Techniques

BIM 411 (T+P)

Computational Neuroscience / Neuroinformatics

BIM 412

Elective Course

BIM 413

Elective Course


*BIM 405 (P) Seminar topics (Any one of the following)

BIM 405-A (P)

Development of algorithms and resources in Bioinformatics

BIM 405-B (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics Molecular Biology

BIM 405-C (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Agriculture

BIM 405-D (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Human Health

BIM 405-E (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Environment

BIM 405-F (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Genomics

BIM 405-G (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Proteomics

BIM 405-H (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Metabolomics and Systems Biology

BIM 405-I (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Neurobiology

BIM 405-J (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics Drug Designing

BIM 405-K (P)

Applications of Bioinformatics in Veterinary Sciences